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Effect of covid-19 over E-commerce Behavior

  • May 5, 2020, 1:27 p.m.
  • E-commerce

Now School were closed, employees work at home and the internet are over-loaded with the Netflix watching, connected technology was changing the modern world.

Be it the economic recessions or much-dreaded pandemic; These things are changing the entire course of businesses. With Covid-19, at its all-time high, the early signs of consumer behavior shifting can be clear.

Consumer behavior has been forced to immediately change, and change on a massive scale. Those in isolation or under lockdown can’t perform their usual routines, especially since many local shops have been forced to close their doors for safety reasons. Concerns about the availability of goods have encouraged panic buying of items in bulk. Financial uncertainty and the prospect of a severe and long-term recession make for a stark backdrop which has led to an impact on consumer outlook, perceptions and behavior.


During lockdown situations, the best way to reach customers for most retailers apart from supermarkets is online

While remote working is garnering much importance, the profitability of a majority of businesses, such as E- commerce and more, is getting adversely impacted. However, this pandemic seemingly has enough potential to change how consumers shop, consume information and even their regards towards how businesses work. 

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