Real estate

Real estate is undoubtedly very competitive and complex, sometimes, outsourcing clients and closing sales with them could really be a very difficult task to handle. The fact is, a lot of real estate business start-ups are even faced with problems of outsourcing for clients, buyers as well as real time investors in the business.   Real estate infrastructure development and construction businesses have typical challenges of high stakes in terms of project costs, increasing value & transparency expectations of customers and the need for tight time schedule management. These and other challenges can only be met in a scaled up organization in this business with the help of a good CRM/ERP solution.

These few select of IT services are channeled towards the continued growth of real estate business.

  •     It enhances the services you render to your customers,
  •     provides huge safety to your business,
  •     helps real estate biz owners to manage their files, documents on safe servers
  •     Improves services and customer response

Real Estate Software Requirements

  •     Real estate property acquisition
  •     Space management and assignment
  •     Lease administration
  •     Rent escalation
  •     Grounds maintenance
  •     Incoming rent payments
  •     Property disposal


Customer relationship management (CRM) can be a powerful referral maximizing tool, especially for the real estate industry. In some cases, real estate agents rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage their growing databases. They struggle to go beyond simply focusing on the names and numbers in their spreadsheets by focusing instead on building relationships and a referral base.

Some common types of properties that can be managed with these solutions include:

  •     Residential: includes apartment buildings and houses as well as single-family and multiple unit properties
  •     Commercial: includes office buildings, retail sites, factories, etc.
  •     Homeowner’s Association (HOA): intended for condominiums and townhouses that have a homeowner’s association
  •     Hospitality: includes hotels
  •     Student housing: houses or apartments dedicated to off-campus college students


Real estate investors (such as homeowners who rent out more than one property) also benefit from a property management solution. Because the solution automates many tasks, they don’t have to rely on spreadsheets or paper to manage their properties.